Unlikely Podcast

Leaving Trump in the Locker Room

Josh and Sam leave Trump in the locker room while explaining the death of the Religious Right and the generational gap of voters.


Palm Beach Fight Club: POTUS Debate

Josh and Sam break down the highs and lows, winner and Hillary, strong versus weak debate techniques. And is the Palm Beach community rough or not?

The Theory on Hillary

Josh and Sam guess what is the real story on Hillary’s sickness. Also, we start the podcast with the start of the NFL regular season of protests.

Standing Up to Colin Kaepernick

Josh and Sam talk about Paul LePage, Colin sitting, and a book Sam is given by Amazon.

Olympic Ideal v. Reality

Josh and Sam recap the good and bad moments from the Rio Olympics which illustrates the good and bad world of cultures. Trump isn’t politically incorrect and Nigel Farage talks Brexit in Mississippi.

Convention Recap

Josh and Sam recap both conventions while discussing Trump’s realism and Libertarian candidates not believing in liberty. And a bald guy running for president!

GOP/DNC Convention Preview

Josh and Sam discuss who should or will be the VP. Also, what’s going on in UK politics?

Brexit, Congress Sitting, and Finding Dory

Sam and Josh discuss Nigel Farage leading the Brexit, the political stunt of sitting on the US House floor, and what’s the deal with Dory?


Sam Sees Bill, Trump Low Blows

Who Is the Least Crazy in the Libertarian Party?