Unlikely Podcast

Multi-layered Bannon, Tons of Debate

Josh and Sam cover the 60 Minutes interview of Steve Bannon by Charles Rose. Then we devolve our conversation into movie talk, type casting, hurricane therapy, and other miscellaneous takes. We went for longer than usual, but we enjoyed it greatly. Hope you guys do too. Have your sponsor call our Paypal account.


Hate, Violence, and a Little Song

Sam and Josh discuss the events of the Nazi/Antifa battles, Trump, and singing flash mobs.

Four Months Away?

Josh and Sam talk movies, politics, and what they’ve been doing.

California Splitting

Josh and Sam discuss a new ballot measure dividing California. Movie talk about Beauty and the Beast, Kong Island, and unexpectedly The Magnificent Seven rounds out the podcast episode.

A Bartcar Named Sadness

Josh and Sam talk in analogies and circles until they enter the Bartcar named Sadness.

The Amazing Audition and BART ride

Josh and Sam relate some personal stories and talk some politics.

Politics, Politics Everywhere and Not a Thought to Think

Politics is invading everything including our podcast. Josh and Sam learn from others high horses. And what is Chevy proving with their commercials?

Sherlock: Thirteen Thatchers and Assault Weapons

With the end of the fourth season of Sherlock, Josh and Sam take a look back and rank each episode from 13 to 1.

Movie Year in Review

Josh and Sam rank their favorite ten movies of 2016. You will want to hear what makes the top of our lists. Believe me!

How to Succeed at Thanksgiving

Josh and Sam discuss how to get along by listening and empathizing with those you disagree with. Then we move on to fixing zero tolerance policies while ending with some impressions and Thanksgiving jokes. Enjoy our fourth anniversary!